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Japan is a long spell of rainy weather of autumn. Therefore vegetables often grow. A radish grew up. It is fresh.

The request of covering came from the Scandinavian publishing company. It is said that it wants to know Japanese PanchinkoManga.

And, it is helping an Italian comics criticism magazine. The interview of Hidesi Hino and Ocyazukenori is helped.


Thank you for your trouble

The comics of "the meat fly" which took no less than three months were completed. Thank you for your trouble.


God hates us all.

A house is looked for. I am looking for its new address. It is the Dutchman who can wander entirely. It is the destiny which wanders a rental residence eternally by God's curse. God hates us at all.

The house rent of the present house is expensive, and it can't be cleared. A cheap house is looked for. There was a thing that about 2 cases were good. It seems to be about 85000 yen.

There was a room that others were interesting by one case, too. The kana that the structure of a part shop was all right as for the view was thought that on the best floor. I went to see a room. But, that room was in the building beside the rail. Because it was noisy, it was stopped with this.

Though it is interesting. Noise is troublesome because it stays at home all the time.


It is sleepy this morning.

I slept at 12 o'clock of the midnight yesterday. Then, it is 5:30 of the early morning that I got up.

It had early rising too much today. I got up, and thought that it intended to go to bed again. But, I confirmed mail, and saw a net, and got up as it is. It is sleepy. It is sleepy.
When it is sleepy like this, the concentration power disappears, and the mind that work is done disappears as for me. Is it all right? I.

Today, a local street, festival. It was lively. The space of the local people seems to be pleasant. I don't have relations because they are other place people.

Basil and Turmeric

Basil and Turmeric. These are low-spirited recently. Mold grew in the soil.


Because autumn came, a seed was planted. In such cases as the radish.


Van Helsing



I saw this movie yesterday. "Van Helsing" I don't go to the theater very much. There are many things which see it by the video tape in the movie. I saw it in the theater after a long time.

This was interesting by a very worthless movie like trash. By the way, though it was the last scene, I didn't think that heroes could escape from the castle. How did they come back from the castle? Did even a wing grow like a vampire? It is a mystery.


It is unpleasant and cute.


Kotake Rat.


This is the rat of the very strange face. This is said as "Kotake Nezumi". When it translates into English, it is "Little Bamboo Rat". This is cute though it is unpleasant.

Yesterday's my behavior.

In the morning.

I had early rising very much. I got up at 2 a.m. Therefore I was sleepy all day long. I didn't feel like doing work very much.


I put it in the afternoon from the thing in the morning, and 2P draws the rough sketch of the comics of the magazine of "Comics The Best". I send FAX to the editorial department about that rough sketch.

Then, I go to the coffee shop. A plan for the next work is worked out in the coffee shop. I ate a salmon sandwich and iced coffee because it was hungry because it got up early.

At night.

I was the place where 2P did the CG work of "the meat fly", and I became very sleepy, and I slept. 6 p.m. Then, I got up again at 9 p.m., and slept again at 12 o'clock late at night.


Scrotum is itchy!

My Scrotum is itchy! Am I a venereal disease? I must die in this. In good-bye, everyone, the vigor.

It isn't repaired though I have applied ointment to Scrotum for a while since former times. This illness is pretty stubborn.

This is probably tinea. It is itchy.


BlackAlice Sample!

This is the sample of the comics "BlackAlice" 24P which I drew. I uploaded it. See it.


And, I do the mail order of these comics. These comics are copy magazines 24P. The person who wants "BlackAlice" is to give me mail.


I don't have money! So, it thought that a debt was intended to be done more.

So, I applied for the credit card. It is the company of Orix. I was refused.

It is cursed, and it suffers from Orix, and it should die!

So, I think that money will be borrowed from the bank with my account. Yesterday, I did an application for the debt in my bank. Now, it is being judged.

Money! Money! Money! It is the world of the money.


It rains again today, too.

Because it only rains, I can't dry the wash. It keeps raining just like Vietnam or Amazon. Does water set just like this in the world? It is …… though it is good, too.

The work done yesterday.

(1) A work sample is copied. I copied five copies. This is mailed to the publishing company. It does so, and I get work.

(2). The outline of the story of "the livestock person cabbage" is put together. This is the story which it was thinking about no less than how many months. Various setups were being written in the notebook. I finally collected it.

(3). Screentone of "the meat fly" is put.


Heavy rain.

It is a heavy rain today. Today, as for me, it is 10 o'clock at night that the thing which slept happened at 3 o'clock in the evening.I am in poor health because it lives in the strange time zone.

Work. I do the CG work of "the meat fly" as before.


Boy comics


The practice of the boy comics. By the way, there is no money this month, and I can't pay house rent. As for me, both a body and a heart are poor.