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God hates us all.

A house is looked for. I am looking for its new address. It is the Dutchman who can wander entirely. It is the destiny which wanders a rental residence eternally by God's curse. God hates us at all.

The house rent of the present house is expensive, and it can't be cleared. A cheap house is looked for. There was a thing that about 2 cases were good. It seems to be about 85000 yen.

There was a room that others were interesting by one case, too. The kana that the structure of a part shop was all right as for the view was thought that on the best floor. I went to see a room. But, that room was in the building beside the rail. Because it was noisy, it was stopped with this.

Though it is interesting. Noise is troublesome because it stays at home all the time.