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It is sleepy this morning.

I slept at 12 o'clock of the midnight yesterday. Then, it is 5:30 of the early morning that I got up.

It had early rising too much today. I got up, and thought that it intended to go to bed again. But, I confirmed mail, and saw a net, and got up as it is. It is sleepy. It is sleepy.
When it is sleepy like this, the concentration power disappears, and the mind that work is done disappears as for me. Is it all right? I.

Today, a local street, festival. It was lively. The space of the local people seems to be pleasant. I don't have relations because they are other place people.

Basil and Turmeric

Basil and Turmeric. These are low-spirited recently. Mold grew in the soil.


Because autumn came, a seed was planted. In such cases as the radish.