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It is unpleasant and cute.


Kotake Rat.


This is the rat of the very strange face. This is said as "Kotake Nezumi". When it translates into English, it is "Little Bamboo Rat". This is cute though it is unpleasant.

Yesterday's my behavior.

In the morning.

I had early rising very much. I got up at 2 a.m. Therefore I was sleepy all day long. I didn't feel like doing work very much.


I put it in the afternoon from the thing in the morning, and 2P draws the rough sketch of the comics of the magazine of "Comics The Best". I send FAX to the editorial department about that rough sketch.

Then, I go to the coffee shop. A plan for the next work is worked out in the coffee shop. I ate a salmon sandwich and iced coffee because it was hungry because it got up early.

At night.

I was the place where 2P did the CG work of "the meat fly", and I became very sleepy, and I slept. 6 p.m. Then, I got up again at 9 p.m., and slept again at 12 o'clock late at night.