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the clothes of the sailor of the English navy

I bought a sailor suit. These are the clothes of the sailor of the English navy. These are secondhand clothes. These are the stage clothes of my band.

I did the practice of the band yesterday. Liquor was drunk with all after the practice that the name of the band was said as Mankos.


We went to the event of the young member comedian.

Yesterday, we went to the event of the young member comedian.
A meeting place is the store of "the Ookubo aquarium".

It is LiveHouse though that is the name of "the aquarium".

An event was interesting. My friend who went together.

I bought a South Korean food material in that town.


My vegetable garden

These are the vegetables of "the vitamin greens".
It was greatly developed. A color is beautiful.

This is the plant of the Japanese parsley. It is being raised in the water tank. The bud of the Japanese parsley came out.

Cocoa is delicious.


Though I am an early riser, therefore a head goes bad.

Early rising is improper for the body. This is all mankind's common sense.

Is everyone of mankind in the whole earth living? I am about dead.

I am very sleepy.

I went to the coffee shop yesterday. I drank coffee there. Then, work was done.

A big department store is next to my apartment.
I did shopping there. I bought beer.

I bought the butter which fermented.