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So that all mankind may die out early

I was sending a work to the newcomer prize of the publishing company. That work was rejected, and it had been returned. It is hateful. It is hateful. It can die, and die.

Though earth mankind has only to be destroyed early completely.I hope so.


Garlic grew

This is Asian food of the rice noodle.

This is not Japanese food. It is rare. It was sold in the supermarket.

I planted garlic. Garlic grew. Beautiful green!


My new work comics

These are my new work comics. It is the title of "Gomoner7".
They are the SF comics of 2500 A.D.

The character who made a North Korean ruler a model.
A big brother in 2500.

A heroine woman.

(http://lmd.fem.jp/ivent.htm)This event was decided to attend it with my band. The event of the Gothic style.



I was lonely, and ate Annin_Dofu.

It is delicious.


I have a meal. Lonely meal scenery.


This is my new apartment.

This apartment was built in 1965. This is a very old apartment.

Design is interesting to my room. But, it is old, and it doesn't live here easily.

This is breakfast of this morning. As for this, the tomato of the noodle is boiled.

It is long-awaited.

I drew comics today. It is a story about my friend. These are essay comics.