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"Signal trumpet"(bugle)

I bought a wonderful instrument at the YAHOO auction.

This is the instrument said as "the signal trumpet" in Japan. This seems to be the instrument which the army uses. It seems to blow at the time of getting up.

"The sound of the signal trumpet" MP3.

I made a successful bid of the Indian drum as well. This seems to be the drum of the name of "Bangla Khol" .
However, it may be a different name. A very beautiful wonderful instrument. Then, it was very cheap!


"Round Neck Cutters"Live!

We have done performance in "what's up" of Tokyo Uguisudani again.

"Round Neck Cutters"

Kanda mori (AG,VO)
Abe Miki (Bass)
Pena (Wind instrument)
Siromi (Dr)

MP3 file."I could do it, too." "the theme of Mankos" "serialkiller"

An image is seen more.

Good performance this time was completed. It was pleasant.


"the red color blues"

I tried to record it by the IC recorder newly.

"A discriminatory knot" (Sabetu Blues)

"the red color blues" (Red Blues)



Comicbooks On Store!

The comicsbook which I (Kanda Mori) drew is selling it. Do downloading, and buy everyone, a book. Though it doesn't know that it can be bought from the one except for Japan.

"Hakaba Kyousitu "
(Graveyard classroom)

(37564 school)

"SINAGAWA big catch music"

I made a new song. The name of that song is "SINAGAWA big catch music". Listen.

"SINAGAWA big catch music" MP3(sinagawabusi.mp3)

"SINAGAWA big catch music"

(G)Off the shore of Shinagawa, body, big catch. A fisherman finds a body today, too. She is Miss manners in Shinjuku where a face was crushed. She was eaten by an eel, and half of her was a bleached bone.

(C)It had her fingerprint melted, and it didn't find out its identity. A fetus for five-month was in her stomach which puffed out.

(G)Though it is a cruel story, it is a certain thing well. A hair came out from the stomach of the octopus.
(D,C,B,F,G)This is the crossroads of the hell. Shinagawa big catch music.

(G)A body is big catch off the shore of Shinagawa. The body which became swelled today, too, is found. The girls' high school student who went bad from the sludge was found. After it was kidnapped in Shibuya, she had been raped in the car.

(C)Though she said "Without killing it.", it was struck with the bat by men and killed. Then, it was put in the drum can, and it had concrete washed away, and it could be troublesome.

(G)Though it is a cruel story, Tokyo is all right, and it is a certain story. A hair came out from sushi.
(D,C,B,F,G)A devil runs away, too. Shinagawa big catch music.

(G)A body is big catch off the shore of Shinagawa. The body which went bad today, too, had unloading done. It was a Chinese in Kinshi-cho where it was killed by a company. He was cut with the sword, and the internal organs projected to him.

(C)His body flowed through the Tama River. Even if he arrives at Haneda airport, he can't come back to the homeland any more.
(G)Though it is a really cruel story, it is a constant thing in Tokyo. A hair came out from the internal organs of the lobster.
(D,C,B,F,G)No one can come back with living from there. Shinagawa big catch knot music.


My new song!

Everyone is long-awaited.

My new song!


"It is very dead between the people."


Round neck brothers & ham "LIVE! at Uguisudani What's Up"

Our band has done performance again.

Round neck brothers & ham "LIVE! at Uguisudani What's Up"(marukubiham.mp3) 2005/09/17

Serialkiller~Round neck brothers~GUGUGU


I sing the song of "Serialkiller". The volume of the VO is small.

The appearance of "Round neck brothers".

The movement that "Round neck brothers" is doubtful.

The movement that "Round neck brothers" is doubtful.

The movement that "Round neck brothers" is doubtful.

The woman of the drum.

I and friend.


The new tune announcement of Mankos

The new tune announcement of Mankos.

Yhoo briefcase.

"Serialkiller (it can dance for love,KAMEKICHI)"The translation of the words.


The ear of MICKY is cut off and made a necklace.
Love is that MINNY, it make it vacant.
I who is serious am always serial.
It can dance, KAMEKICHI.

Of Serialkiller, Ikebukuro.
Serialkiller, queen.
It becomes so hard, isn't shameful, KAMEKICHI?.

It can rush into the bath of hydrochloric acid, KAMEKICHI.
This which is love is love certainly, too.
After skin is peeled, your banana is cut. It can dance, for KAMEKICHI love.

Serialkiller, You are locked up.
Serialkiller, It doesn't go again on you.
It becomes so hard, isn't shameful, KAMEKICHI?.

It has already been shot, energy did, KAMEKICHI?.
because it is mixed to the semen in your vomit thing and, stew are made, it can dance for, the love, KAMEKICHI .

It becomes so hard, isn't shameful, KAMEKICHI?.


Mad Bura Band Rehearsal

We did the rehearsal of "Mad Bura Band" in the practice studio.

The state of that rehearsal.

Yahoo! briefcase"Mad Bura Band Rehearsal"


"Mankos Theme "
"MadBuraButerLeeThema "
"Sromi no Chikubi "

We drank liquor after the practice.

I went to the zoo on the next day. It is cute.



The rat whose foot is long.


Hardcore Punk.


I went to listen to the bands of Hardcore Punkrock.





The rice which fell into the meeting place.

The poster of the underground Japanese band of "the junior high school student coffin".The inside of the rest room.

Hardcore Punk.



A violent audience.


Base player.

I ate a pork cutlet bowl on that way home.Violence one day.