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Cumbia under the water


Cumbia under the water,mp3

The words.

"Cumbia under the water"

Cumbia under the water.

Well! Thinking that it became a drowned body, let's stop breath.

Cumbia under the water.

Well, let's be exposed to the radioactivity, and let's blow fire, and let's dance.

Cumbia under the water.

Well! Thinking that it became a decomposed body, let's resign the thing which takes a bath.

Cumbia under the water.

Let's sing together.


Harvest Song

My new Song!

Harvest Song,mp3



Kazoo was remodeled, and a trumpet was put. Kazoo is interesting.

"Kazoo Blues"mp3


Fool Song

Fool Song,mp3

"Fool Song"

I dug a hole, and hid. Then, it is waiting to come.

Tonight when I caught a cicada and it ate is the dinner that it is being deified.

The wire insect of the parasite is growing in me from my anus which swam in the pool.

I ate a toad. Then, I sprang.

We spawned an egg, and increased. But, it ate with the company comrade, and it was completely destroyed.

I ate the head of the saury. Tonight is the dinner that it is being deified.

I ate the body of the rat. Then, as for me, it sang.

We are born in the trash. Then, a white body is being done.

No one knows our thing. We are born, and only die.


The cannibals of the southern island

It is my new song. Listen.

The cannibals of the southern island,mp3

The meaning of the poetry is like this. It can laugh very much.

"The cannibals of the southern island"

It is waiting for the Japanese that cannibals are delicious on the southern island.
Welcome. Japanese.
My lover is a chieftain's daughter.

It is waiting for the Japanese that cannibals are delicious in the African Continent.
Welcome. Japanese.
The Japanese who boiled it with the pot is dinner of the village.

It is waiting for the Japanese that the Eskimo of the cannibals is delicious in the Antarctic Continent.
Welcome. Japanese.
The vitamin of the fresh Japanese meat is abundant.


The electronic sound

This is "AS Filter Bank FB-3 mk2".
The electronic sound of Filter Bank FB-3 mk 2 of "the AS company".



Cura Song

This is a Turkish guitar. It is being called 'CURA'. I played CURA.

Cura Song ,mp3


I blew a bottle like a whistle in others.

A signal trumpet was blown, too.