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Hell Idol 666, on store

Hell Idol 666

Usa-chan from popular idol group Papy was stalked by a crazy fan named Otayoshi Otayama.
He came to the public fan event again, and when he shook her hand, he got her in his web!

That is to say, he had made the connection needed so he could spy on Usa-chan 24-7! His body was a receiver,
and having made contact, he could tune into Usa-chan's heart.

Eventually a scandal broke and Usa-chan lost popularity in the idol group. When she was dismissed,
as a normal civilian only Otayoshi continued to adore her. Only he loved her.

Usa-chan became deeply depressed and committed suicide. Otayoshi, of course, experienced her misery in full.
He would make the lousy mass media pay for what they did to her! His revenge begins!

Genre: Horror
Pages: 26
Author: Mori Kanda
Publisher: Hamster Books